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DSL/UMTS/4G/5G/Satellite/WiFi WAN/Cable

Whatever your needs are for connecting to Cloud services, Internet access, IT virtualization, VoIP telephony or multi-media applications, we connect your computers and devices (PCs, Notebooks, etc.) or mobile devices to your corporate network or the internet to always be Online!

What is SPEEDCOM Service?

Speedcom allows combining multiple internet connections into one extremely fast, reliable and uninterrupted connection with minimal equipment and settings.

An internet connection with SPEEDCOM service takes multiple internet lines and joins them into one extremely fast and reliable connection. In contrast to failover or load-balancing, a bonded connection utilizes multiple connections and combines them cumulatively. Also with this technology if there is a connection failure your devices and applications will continue to maintain their connection without being affected.

Speedcom Internet without interruptions!

High availability and maximum reliability



Join up to 13 WAN connections of each type (ADSL/VDSL/4G/5-G/LTE) for maximum speed performance

Mobile Interface Bonding and Failover

Fast and uninterrupted connection everywhere


Combining multiple low-cost WAN connections and 4G/5G to generate bandwidth in places with low connectivity coverage. Automatic failover to mobile operators in case of connection failure.

Work from anywhere
as if you were in the office


Aggregation of 4G/5G/Cable/Satellite/WiFi WAN connections and failover between multiple connections to improve bandwidth availability.

Bonded Internet Bandwidth 

Made to follow you everywhere


Connection of up to 4 4G/5G/LTE providers and 2 additional Wan connections (satellite, cable) to create a local WiFi connection, all from one mobile unit

Failover to mobile provider

Uptime, all the time


24 hours a day online with automatic fail over to a mobile provider. Integrate bandwidth and failover between multiple WAN connections. Use of one ADSL line as the main provider and failover seamlessly in the event of a power outage.

HD Video 

Where you want it and at the cost you want it.


Stream Live HD Video from anywhere with the connection of up to four 4G/5G/LTE providers. Eliminate data gaps with integrated bandwidth control and switch connections before their data limit